Our Services

Our Sorority have tailored programmes and workshops that  enable us to support the young women that we work with. These programmes develop and promote the young women’s personal, professional, social and parental  development.

Our strategic interventions can change the lives and  aspirations of a generation of young women who perceive  negativity, criminality, low aspirations, lack of self-worth and  a lack of care for self and others to be their only option. We  engage with people in a real and honest way. We provide positive role models that these young women can relate to.

1:1 Mentor Support

Our Sorority’s 1:1 Mentor Support is tailored to meet  the needs of each mentee. We provide sustained  practical support and guidance for young women wishing to progress personally and professionally with their lives. We also  provide support and mentoring for young mothers wishing to  develop their parental skills. The support that we provide is available 24 hours a day as … Continue reading 1:1 Mentor Support

Our Workshops

Understanding Female Vulnerability is a OCN accredited level 2 workshop which seeks to address the vulnerability of young women. This workshop is aimed at female students through Years 9-11, however this can be adapted for younger and older learners. This workshop is built around five sessions, which are one hour each. Each session address a … Continue reading Our Workshops

Peer Group Support

Our Sorority believe that it is important for young women to  come together and empower and support each other. We do  this using our sister to sister peer group. The young women will get together to discuss any issues that they are facing/dealing with. Together we will provide support as a group on a number of … Continue reading Peer Group Support

Family Support

Our Sorority offer help and support to strengthen families, especially the families struggling to support a vulnerable young woman. We provide families with self-help techniques and guidance so that they are able to deal with issues themselves when they arise. We engage with families and offering to one support to tackle a number of issues … Continue reading Family Support