What can Our Sorority do for me…

  • Our sorority can provide a friendly non-judgemental listening ear or practical support depending on the level of support you require.
  • Our Sorority can provide you with a space to meet others and make friends with other young women who are going through the same things as you.
  • Our Sorority can provide you with positive role models who have experienced vulnerabilities and have now use their experiences to help others.
  • Our Sorority can act as an advocate on your behalf or attend meetings and appointments with you.
  • Our Sorority can sign post you to alternative organisations if you need specialist support.
  • Even though you can approach any member of staff, Our Sorority will provide you with your own personal support worker who holds regular one to one meetings with you.
  • Our Sorority can provide you with experiences such as work placements, residential trips and workshops which develop life and living skills.
  • Our Sorority can support you and your family if you feel that they may be in need of support.
  • For professionals and organisations Our Sorority can provide training for your staff around female vulnerability in the communities that you work in.